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Busted B Leather Gift Cards

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Busted B Leather Gift Cards

Can’t decide what to buy, a gift card always makes the perfect gift!

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We use only the finest products when handcrafting our products. We have over 34 years' experience & have put our trust & loyalty into Hermann Oak Leather & Fiebing's Pro Dye! Please note that certain products use a different leather, which will be indicated in the listing, it's still a premium leather, from a different vendor.

Hermann Oak is a distinguished tannery founded in 1881, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Specializing in premium vegetable-tanned leather,

Hermann Oak is renowned for its superior quality, durability, and versatility. With its long heritage and dedication to quality, Hermann Oak Leather remains a preferred choice among artisans and manufacturers worldwide.

Fiebing's is a prominent manufacturer of leather care products established in 1895 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality dyes, finishes, conditioners, and cleaners designed to enhance, protect, and maintain leather goods. Fiebing's Pro Dye, a professional-grade leather dye known for its vibrant colors, excellent coverage, and long-lasting results. Pro Dye is favored by leatherworkers for its ease of use and ability to produce consistent and durable coloration on various types of leather. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Fiebing's continues to be a trusted name in the leather industry, offering solutions that meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Busted B Leather holsters are made to fit standard factory equipped firearms, & certain firearms equipped with Red Dot Optics.

Any modifications made to your firearm may result in it not fitting into the holster appropriately.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to use firearms safely.

Always ensure that your firearm is fully seated in the holster.

We are not responsible for damage, personal injury, or death due to misuse or negligent use of firearms while using a Busted B Leather made product.  

All Busted B Leather holsters are hand molded & boned for an exact fit to your firearm.

It’s not recommended that you don’t use a different firearm in the holster, even if it appears to fit, as that may result in stretching of the leather & compromise the holster retention.

Alterations made to a Busted B Leather holster void our manufacturer’s warranty.

By purchasing a Busted B Leather holster or accessory (for yourself or as a gift), you acknowledge you’ve read the Liability Disclaimer, & release Busted B Leather from any & all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of a Busted B Leather holster or accessory.